Yamaha XV535

Yamaha is known for high-quality motorcycles, superbikes, and scooters capable of dominating their sections of the market for years and sometimes decades on end.

The two generations of the XV535, with their speed and maneuverability, serve to prove this point.

An Age Old History

The history of the Yamaha Motor Corporation is a long one, but not as long as many other brands such as Ducati or Honda. Beginning with production of the YA1 motorcycle in 1955, the engineers at Yamaha have had a lengthy and difficult journey, and the XV535 shows just how far they’ve come.

Production first began for the XV535 in 1988 under the name Yamaha XV535 DX Virago. This bike was intended for use as a cruiser motorcycle to supplement Yamaha’s lack of market capitalization in that sector of the motorcycle industry.

Designed for the Ride

The XV5353 DX Virago was specifically engineered to provide riders with a smooth, easy, and challenge-free ride anywhere from the open road to around the block.

The engine used on the original model was similar to those used in previous, more high-performance-focused superbikes. It had an air-cooled, four-stroke, V-Twin (two valves per cylinder), SOHC engine with a 535cc displacement.

An Extremely Diverse Family

Production of Yamaha’s XV-series began in 1981 and continues to the present in 2019. All-in-all, there are more than 50 different generations of models split between the XV family, though only two can lay claim to the XV535 title.

  • Yamaha XV535 DX Virago (1988-1998)

Despite its high performance on the street and on the road, and its fame for being such a smooth and enjoyable ride, the mirrors and parts of the frame were known to vibrate and wobble at high revs, making it dangerously unsafe to travel near maximum speed for extended periods of time.

  • Yamaha XV535 Virago (1999-2000)

The second generation of the XV535, released in 1999, aimed to fix the issues with the frame wobbling and shaking. Ultimately, these fixes came too late and Yamaha was forced to move on to the production of more popular motorcycles.

The XV535 in the News

In 2018, Hotcars.com listed the Yamaha XV535 in its list of 20 classic motorcycles that every collector should immediately purchase before prices invariably rise, as has been the case with many classics in the past.

Credits on Credits on Credits

Few motorcycles can boast of rap sheets as long as that of the Yamaha XV535. Just a glance at its IMCDB search results populates dozens of credits for use on the sets of a wide array of TV shows and movies.

Social Groups

Yamaha has quite a robust social following, although maybe not as robust as Ducati’s or that of Harley Davidson. Nonetheless, it’s still quite easy to find a solid social media group for socializing with other owners and enthusiasts. Check out this one for example.

The Yamaha XV535 – a Lesson in Comfort

Although the engineers and designers at Yamaha took far too long before finding a way to resolve the shaking and vibration issues of the earlier models at higher speeds, the 1999 and 2000 models for the most part don’t show any sign of this, making them an absolute must-have for any learner trying to warm themselves up before making the jump to the bigger engines.