Yamaha XT250

This high-performance, dual-sport motorcycle was one of Yamaha’s most popular and most widely successful off-road-capable motorcycles, superbikes, or scooters ever produced.

If you’re not convinced, hop on and let us take you for a quick ride!

Off-Road History

The Yamaha Motor Company has been producing motorcycles that were designed for the street, designed for off-road riding, or designed for both forms of sporting for decades. 

In 1980, although the XT250 would dominate the market for a few years, many considered it just another one of these Yamaha motorcycles. For this reason, as well as Yamaha’s desire to move production faculties over to the newer XT350, the Yamaha XT250 was removed from production in 1990. 

Of course, every now and then when a classic is removed from production the producers wise up a few years later and bring it back, which is exactly what happened to the XT250 in 2008.

Decades of Off-Road Design

Countless years of innovations in research and design led Yamaha to produce the legendary XT250 in 1990 with plenty of horsepower, torque, and agility to make it a great choice for riding everywhere from your ordinary workday commute to a backwoods swamp or an overgrown farm.

The first model was designed with this versatility in mind and paved the way for the other generations that followed.

An Off-Road Trilogy

As with all great things in life, the XT250 came in a trilogy of designs. Over three generations, the designers and engineers at Yamaha turned what was already a mastercrafted classic into something truly extraordinary.

Yamaha XT250 (1980-1983)

The first model produced set the stage for what kind of engine would be included in future models. This engine took the form of a 4-stroke, single-cylinder, SOHC engine with two valves per cylinder, a displacement of 249cc and a decent 22 horsepower at 8,600 rpm in a 270lb (wet) frame.

Yamaha XT250 (1984-1990)

The second generation concluded the original series before it was revived in 2008. For these models, newer plastics were added to the designs and the fuel tank shrank. This generation is largely to blame for the failure of the line, because power was significantly reduced.

In compliance with new emissions standards, horsepower was lowered to 17 and the top speed dropped by six miles per hour.

Yamaha XT250 (2008-present)

The newer models have been almost completely redesigned. See for yourself! You won’t be disappointed.

Revived, Revved, and Ready to Go

Fortunately for fans of the Yamaha XT250, more models are on the horizon. In fact, the 2020 model, linked above, has just been announced for production.

Famous Media

Various Yamaha XT motorcycles have been seen on set in dozens of films and TV shows, including Knight Rider and Rambo.

Social Groups

The best place to socialize with other fans of the Yamaha XT250 on social media is the Yamaha XT250 Rider’s Page, which has just shy of 1,000 members.

Yamaha XT250 – One Amazing Dirt Bike

Although the XT250 has survived the death of its line and come back to ride with us once again, it still carries with it the ghost of what it once was. If you’re ever given the choice between a first generation XT250 and a third generation, we hope this article will help you to make the right choice.