Honda CRF250L Rally

The CRF250L Rally puts the “rally” in “rally racing.”

This highly affordable machine brings high-performance dirt bikes into a price range perfect for anybody who’s just starting out and is looking for a great bike that won’t break the bank.

Honda’s Dirt Bikes

If there’s one thing that Honda is known for, it’s the typically low prices of all of their production models from their cars to their scooters and everything in between. In general, if it’s a Honda, it’s cheap, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t quality material.

Honda hasn’t been well-known in the dirt bike scene for long. As you might have guessed, the official history of Honda dirt bikes began decades ago in the ‘50s and ‘60s but didn’t really take off until 2012 with the production of the CRF250L.

Breaking Away from Honda’s Street Bikes

The decision to start making off-road bikes was not taken well in the ‘50s and ‘60s. Honda was just making a name for itself in the street bike arena and that’s what people wanted more of. However, flash to 2012 and we see an entirely new revelation in Honda’s dirt bike designs.

The original CRF250L sported a four-stroke, single-cylinder, DOHC, four-valve engine with a modest (for a dirt bike) displacement of 249cc. The CRF250L Rally, released in 2017, would have much better specifications.

Talk About an Upgrade

The CRF250L Rally is considered less of the second generation in the CRF250L line and more of a new model for the CRF-series based on the designs of the CRF250L.

Honda CRF250L Rally (2017-present)

The engine in use in the CRF250L Rally models is still the same engine as that in the CRF250L models, but that’s not where the Rally really makes its mark.

The Rally sets itself apart from the previous CRF250L models with its computer-controlled, digital transistorized ignition, 38mm PGM-FI throttle body induction, 10.7:1 compression ratio and lightweight frame.

Moving on from the L

It seems that Honda has started moving production faculties over to newer versions of CRF-series models, including the CRF250 Rally rather than the CRF250L Rally.

Evidence for this can be seen in how many more motorcycles and dirt bikes Honda has announced while still not announcing a 2020 model for the CRF250L Rally.

Entertainment Credits

The CRF250L Rally hasn’t appeared in many films and TV shows as it probably should have, given the superiority it enjoys over the CRF250L; however, this could be chocked up to age. The CRF250L is much older.

Of course, this is not to say that the CRF250 line-up hasn’t had any credits either. Just the opposite is true! Various models from the CRF250 line-up have appeared in dozens of TV shows and films.

Social Groups

If you’re looking for a Facebook page dedicated to expressing support and enjoyment of the CRF250L Rally, check out this one with more than 11,000 likes.

Honda CRF250L Rally – The King of Honda’s Dirt Bikes

Given Honda’s past track record–pun intended–it’s only a matter of time until the CRF250L Rally gets dethroned, most likely by another CRF-series dirt bike. But if one thing’s for sure, it’s that, even if it does get dethroned, the CRF250L Rally will live on in its legacy as one of the best dirt bikes ever created in its price range.