Ducati GT 1000

Ducati isn’t just called “Duc” because it’s shorter. It’s called Duc because Ducati is the il duce, or the Duke, of motorcycle design.

When it comes to motorcycles, superbikes, and scooters, few international brands have as many classics under their belts as Ducati.

Cruising into First

The Ducati Monster, Ducati PS1000LE, Ducati 916. What do all of these models have in common? They’re all Ducatis. Ducati has been pumping out classic after classic since it began manufacturing motorcycles in 1947.

Over the next 72 years, Ducati motorcycles would win 404 races, averaging more than five wins every year. The introduction of the GT 1000 in 2005 was an attempt to branch out and cover more ground with a light-liter cruiser.

Designed for Comfort

The Ducati GT 1000 is designed with comfort in mind. This liter-class cruiser was destined for casual riding in style and peace rather than the more standard racing superbikes that you might think of when you hear the name Ducati.

The engine in the original 2005 GT 1000 was kept pretty much the same from generation to generation with the only major adjustments being made to the cosmetics of frame and fairing.

Five Generations of a One-of-a-Kind Model

The Ducati GT 1000 went through five generations of production between 2005 and 2009, although so few changes were ever made that each generation is almost indistinguishable from the other, so we’ll just discuss them all at once.

  • Ducati GT 1000 (2005-2009)

All models of the GT 1000 sported incredibly powerful engines relative to other cruisers. Inside of a steel-trellis frame sits a beefy 992cc, air-cooled, four-stroke, 90-degree, V-Twin, DOHC engine with four valves per cylinder, 92 horsepower at 8,500 rpm, and a top speed of well over 100 miles per hour.

Each of the five generations were capable of the same performance capabilities, leading a few auto-aficionados to consider them all just one generation with five different model phases rather than 5 separate generations.

The Ducati GT 1000 in the News

The GT 1000 is so popular even today, a decade after it went out of production, that it is still being reviewed on high-profile blogs and websites. It seems that there are still people trying to get lucky enough to get their hands on one of these legendary cruising machines.

Bellissimi Film

The Ducati GT 1000 has been featured as the preferred mode of transportation in one popular Italian film and another popular TV show, Notte prima degli esami (2007) and I Cesaroni (2006-2014). 

Social Groups

If you’re looking to find a group of motorcycle lovers to talk about your favorite brand (which, let’s face it, is probably Ducati), then you just might notice that the easiest groups to find on social media are Ducati, except maybe Harley Davidson groups if you’re in the United States.

The Ducati GT 1000 – A Legendary Ride

The comfort and handling on the GT 1000 is, to this day, unparallelled by any comparable model. When it comes to the competition, either the other model lacks the power, has handling that isn’t as responsive, or is just a literal pain in the… Well, you get the point.