Aprilia Moto 6.5

Relatively light for the amount of power at its disposal, this beetle-like motorcycle makes any rider feel like they have wings.

For many, the sheer speed and magnificent performance is enough to overlook the gawdy, awkward aesthetics of the Aprilia Moto 6.5.

A Competitive Start

Aprilia has a long and colorful history, rivaling that of the other popular Italian motorcycle manufacturer Ducati. Aprilia started in 1945 as a bicycle company, a focus that the company would maintain until the founder’s son literally took things into his own hands.

In 1968, Ivano Beggio and a few partners, hand-crafted the company’s first moped and quickly began shifting production to motorcycles. After many long decades or innovation and competition, the Aprilia Moto 6.5 was born.

Aprilia Versus Ducati

Aprilia and Ducati have always been duking it out to see who could capture the largest market capitalization both internationally as well as at home in Italy. Like this long-standing competition, the case of the Moto 6.5 was somewhat of a wash.

Under the hood was an engine with slightly above-average power. Despite this interesting engine configuration, widespread criticism circulated denigrating the designers for not creating an engine to keep up with the more unique design.

One Model Over Nine Years

Aprilia put the Moto 6.5 through only one generation during its nine years in production before taking it off the assembly line to be replaced by motorcycles that collectors and niche audiences considered more marketable.

  • Aprilia Moto 6.5 (1995-2003)

The four-stroke, single-cylinder, DOHC, 5-valve engine used in the Moto 6.5 was often criticized for being weak or under-performing compared to other superbikes, motorcycles, or scooters of the time.

The Moto 6.5 had a miniscule horsepower of 43 at 7,000 rpm and was only capable of speeds as high as 93.1 miles per hour. What it lacked in power, however, it made up for in control. The tubular steel frame in total had a dry weight of only 330 pounds, significantly below the weights of the heavier doubles and triples on the market.

The fuel economy of the 6.5 was one of its biggest claims to fame, coming in at a total of about 41.3 miles per gallon, making it great for driving to and from work or school or taking it on a long ride out of town.

The Aprilia Moto 6.5 in the News

Almost two decades after Aprilia removed the Moto 6.5 from production, the motorcycle industry is still abuzz with arguments over whether or not the Aprilia Moto 6.5 should be considered a classic.

Famous Media

Despite its polarizing presence among the classics, the Aprilia Moto 6.5 has managed to secure multiple credits in TV and film.

Social Groups

Plenty of Aprilia groups can be found with a simple Google search, but this one is perhaps the best there is for owners of the Moto 6.5.

The Aprilia Moto 6.5 – A Disputed Classic

Even after more than twenty years since the Moto 6.5 first went into production, we have half the world of motorcycling saying that it doesn’t belong among the classics and the other half saying that classics don’t have to be simply high-powered machines.

But like it or not, the Moto 6.5 is here to stay.